Snail Economy

For my packaging brief I decided to package a snail as a metaphor of the british economy. This came about by originally packaging a snail in a box, and to change my idea to a more lateral way of thinking the snail became a metaphor. The economy is slow-moving and fragile, as is the snail. I first looked at packaging it in a box without glue to symbolise the cut backs in the economy, but this turned out far too complicated to make. This then led me to a few various solutions to the problem. One was to package the snail in a make shift plastic bag with a reduced to clear sticker on it, to show the cheapness of the product as a joke to the depleting economy. These would be as a series of three, the economy, the recession and the credit crunch, all with the snail in different forms matching the title. The other solution was a lot more literal in having the snail-shell as the packaging itself, aiding the metaphor even more as to have the economy inside the snail.

Overall I have to say I have found this project very difficult and slow-moving (no pun intended). The first week was pretty much just throwing out ideas left, right and centre until I eventually settled on the first idea I had only elaborated. I’m happy with my final outcomes, and I feel I have learnt from this project to be confident and stick to your idea throughout the various different opinions you may receive.


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